24 de septiembre de 2009

Muy Buen Video Homenaje a Michael Jackson

Este video como homenaje/tributo a MJ está muy bueno. Punto

Hip Hop song by Napalm Clique: Unity & Trevor

Video Directed/Edited by: Trevor Parham
Eklectyk Creative Media

Music Mixed & Recorded by: Unity Lewis for Unmarked Entertainment / Organized Elements
Original Music: Organized Elements
Additional Keys: Arlen Ginsburg
Mastered by: Unity Lewis

Eulogy Speech by: Rev. Al Sharpton

Letra de la canción:

Hook 1

They wanna tear down
A true black legend shining;
But no matter what you say
My brother Michael is shining.

You talk a lot of lies about him
But we see that your lyin.
Brother Michael is shining.
Brother Michael is shining.

(Repeat twice)

Hook 2

It's Michael Jackson.
It's Michael who yawl?
It's Michael Jackson!

(Repeat four times)

Verse 1

No matter what you say,
You know you used to
Bump Michael
Back in the day.

In fact Michael Jackson was
The only thing you played.
Lip singing, listening
To everything he say.

So tell me why they wanna talk about him that way?
He always spoke the truth.
He raised my moms and pops
Up in the days of their youth.

I'm gon take it way back
To the days of Ill be there.
A-B-C,1-2-3, Do Re Mi
Made you care.

That's when your daddy rocked a
Jacksons Afro in his hair.
The youngest of all his brothers
But beared the most flare

So why oh why
Do they try to discredit.
The man's what you call a legend.
We should never forget it.

No matter what you say
His heart stayed in a real truthful place.
He moon walked across the stage.
Introduced robotic breaks.

The smoothest ten year old to ever cover
A Smokey Robinson love song.
You can misinform this generation
But his genius lives on!

Hook 2- (repeat four times)

Verse 2 (Trevor)

I remember, Jackson 5
And Remember The Time,
And seeing Billie Jean live
On Motown 25.

And though your memory's alive
And your soul's in the sky.
I know I never ever
Could truly say goodbye.

I danced in my room
Till I could no more.
And moon walked in my socks
Over hard wood floors.

As a child I went wild
When your songs came on.
So now I know I gotta sing
To keep your spirituals strong.

And now I'm watching music videos
And know what to do.
Keep inspiring the youth
Cause you inspired me to.

And everything that I learned
Is everything that I'll give,
Back to the kids
So that black man lives.

Cause when a black man dies,
His people don't cry.
They celebrate his soul
As he ascends to the sky.

And no matter what they wanna say
About our black king,
He's still reigning over pop
When we shine and sing.

Hook 1

See back when you was
Just an itty-bitty shorty,
You thought red leather jackets
With zippers was real sporty.

You used to tell your mom
I wanna meet Michael Jackson!
Wanted to be a star like him
And rock all his fashion.

So tell me why'd you go and throw
His album in the trash can?
You used to look up to him
And was inspired by his passion.

Is it because the media
Wanted to make children afraid of him
Because they saw with his money
That he was giving aid to em?

And they don't want the children
To love Michael Jackson that would
Make it possible For the future generations
Of all ethnicities to love black men.

That's part of one big
Master plan man;
To try and keep the brother down
When hes got the upper hand man.

But Michael always told em
Beat it! '
Oh just leave me alone!
Ya pressure, I dont need it.

Cause he's unbreakable And invincible.
A yo, I think they should have made
Michael Jackson
A school principal.

Hook 2- (repeat four times)

Hook 1- (repeat twice)

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